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Unfortunately, sites like Amazon delete book reviews if the reviewer does not meet a specific criteria. Also, all readers don't have accounts with sites such as Goodreads. I genuinely want Framily's book reviews out there for the world to see (good or bad), so I've created a book review section. All reviews are 100% authentic. I use reviews to see what the reader enjoyed and what doesn't work. So please, let me know what you think! Do you agree or disagree with a review on here? State your opinion! You can direct message me on any social media platform provided or use the review form below! I would love to hear from you!!

Book Reviews: Testimonials

In all, I really enjoyed the book. It was real, sensual, and from a perspective I personally have never experienced nor read about.

The flow of it kept my interest peaked, and it was engaging. It drew you into the story and brought out emotions at different times with in the story which helps keep the reader wanting to know more.


I thought the book was very entertaining and honestly down to earth. The characters were all detailed so that you could envision them in your mind. Looking forward to the next read.


Absolutely Loved & Highly recommend!! I am not much of a reader but could not put this one down! Loved how it made me feel as if these were my friends having real life everyday conversations and could relate. Can’t wait for the next book!

Ronda (review also seen on Goodreads)

I ate this book up – I found it very easy to read and moved through it quickly. The heavy dialogue is a style I very much enjoy, and dialogue is definitely your biggest strength. I enjoyed the ‘slice of life’ style and the relationship problems that arose felt natural. Everything felt very realistic, which is another strength of the book.

Beta reader

This book was for sure a good read. It was my escape each day after work; when I needed a good laugh the characters in the book had me goin. It showed me that family can come in any form blood related or not. Everyone has there go to person in life and the book proved that to be true. I would recommend this book to anyone it never had a dull moment ! Fingers crossed for another read in the future .


I am so glad I got the opportunity to read this book. This book pulled on my emotions like non other. It was almost like I was in the book. I love seeing other people’s lives through their eyes and this book really did that. Great great read and the visuals you get from reading this book was on fire!


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