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My Bio

I was born in North Carolina, raised in Virginia. I currently live with my loyal fur babies Tucker and Suave. I spent the first eight years of my adult life serving as a Weapons Troop in the United States Air Force. After I separated I became a mail carrier, and soon after quit to begin contracting in Iraq with Lockheed Martin. I have always wanted to create content. Every time I planned to sit down and do just that, life had other plans.

      At the age of 20, I came out as bisexual, then shortly after identified as a lesbian. Prior to coming out and the years that followed, I noticed a lot of the lesbian content tended to be tragic, sad endings, or hetero normative. I wanted to see more lesbians as main characters who were already comfortable with their sexual identity. I wanted to see more women of color. I craved positivity. Instead of waiting on the world to create stories that I could directly relate to, I got inspired, created my own story, and self-published. I have also started my own YouTube page "The PPL Productions". Join me on my creative journey. Link -> The PPL Productions - YouTube

       I love to travel. I've been blessed enough to experience things such as riding the fastest roller coast in the world in Abu Dhabi, eating chef prepared tarantula in Cambodia, floating in the Dead Sea in Jordan, and feeding monkeys Kenya. I love to spend quality time with family, friends, and my dogs. When I have downtime time I love getting lost in the world of Sims to relax my mind. Any Sims fans out there? I really enjoy discovering new lesbian content and discussing it with my friends. Laughter and good vibes are truly the medicines of my soul. I hope to publish more books and short films in the future.

Bio: About Me
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